23 February 2008

Kids who break down walls...when no one else can

Strange, you know. I've babysat before, not often getting calls to babysit again. Not that the kids don't like me...we just don't connect. Let's face it, I'm not the best babysitter--the introverted don't make the best hyper-active kid-watchers. Yet tonight, two kids stole my heart (when many teens and adults cannot do so). These kids broke down walls in less than two hours.

You see, I got to their house tonight with the 6-year-old girl wanting to show me everything, wanting to take charge. She sat right down with two pieces of Pizza Hut pizza, got herself a Sprite, and ate. Her brother, however, wailed as his parents left. This 2-year-old scrambled away from me each time we made eye contact. (I went to find him and found him hiding, crouched underneath the dining table...it hurts pretty badly when a kid that little thinks you're the epitome of "Boogie Monster.") Yet the evening wore on. We went outside on the swings. I chased them around and played peek-a-boo. We read Junie B. Jones. We watched Max and (whatever his sister's name is--the show with brother and sister rabbits). When the parents returned, the little boy followed me instead of clinging to his parents. He lifted his arms, saying "hug and kiss." Really?!

Maybe you can see why, for one of the first times ever, I asked the parents to call me anytime.

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