03 March 2009

a day's remnant

I would ask a person's first impression of the word "remnant." I think of Israel. But of late, I thought of the morning I went to work @ 6:45, the sky cloudy and pouring forth rain in the semi-darkness of the small morning. (la lluvia en las sombras de una mañana pequeña)
The joke that day was that, by the time normal people awoke on that fine Christmas Eve, they would not even know that it had rained.

At 2 o clock that afternoon I went to my car and started it--the windshield wipers came on. A remnant of the morning no one else remembered because no one else experienced it. A remnant no one understood. The remnant is that which exists in every life-the part of each person no other person experiences. The remnant is, for the one who experiences, a choice to either remember or to forget.

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