12 April 2009

I was speaking with someone about overseas ministry...
He spoke of staying in America, for even if our country falls, it will be "up to someone to raise the remnant." If she survives, people will be needed to train the next generation.

By looking for the "big picture," have I missed it altogether?
Can I, in good conscience, leave a broken people for a broken people?
What if that first broken people was a privileged people, a group given a chance while the others had none?

May the Lord direct my steps.
May He protect His remnant.

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Michael said...

hmm yes, we are very much in need of the Lord directing our steps.
There is no "what if", we are privileged. But maybe leaving the privileged is what is necessary.

The Lord is not bound by our privilege either, he can use us wherever, it is not like you can stay home or leave and "miss" God's will, you can find God's will here or there and everywhere.