15 January 2010

Addressing sin

I often keep incriminating things. Rather, am not hesitant to write on paper the things in my heart that are sinful. Addressing sin by looking it directly in the eye, this is necessary for its mortification. I rarely get to the point where I would rather not write it out, not bare my sinfulness to myself.

Tonight, I began writing and stopped. Erased. Started. Erased. Deleted the file. No evidence, right?
But the evidence is within. Killing sin is not for the squeamish, or faint of heart. It is not for the weak. It is for the courageous and noble-hearted.

So wrong. How very twisted. Only the humble can come before God. Sin is killed in us because we are not saviors to ourselves. God help us the moment we try to face our sin with a self-determined courage.

Maybe I will go back and write out what was troubling me, the sin in my life. Not because I can face it, but because I can't. And because I have a High Priest to intercede on my behalf.

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