01 September 2008

time's travesty

"Ain't that the curse of the second hand"  (mark heard song) 

minutes, minutes, minutes. 43 minutes to a tv show. (minus commercials, for surely you do something profitable during commercials? fold clothes, brush teeth, sew a hat for your dog?) Time's travesty--that minutes make no hours, that hours make no days, and most importantly, that days make not our lives. 

You know what "the curse of the second hand" is? 

That it moves. This second hand moves, while we sit still, silently watching its progress. The curse of the second hand is this--that when a person watches time's progress, this person is indeed wasting time itself... such irony.  

1 comment:

Callandra said...

heck yes i sew hats for my dog...that i don't have. i'll give it to yours.
oh bri, i miss you. things have been changing in incredible amounts. talk sometime?