24 August 2008

a rough poem

I didn't realize that my last post about Ukraine was my 100th post...interesting.

A very rough poem about a scene in Gilmore Girls...yes, I'm addicted, but yes, the show makes me frustrated.

She kissed him, the legitimacy of love versus loyalty
splayed in my head, as a butterfly--
pinned, but still fluttering.
She told him not to speak-my mouth opened
closed knowing silence is best before wisdom.
She ran, saying "welcome" she ran away
and of course the sun shone unpolluted.
A shame too, because I wanted only
warehouse light--you know, the warehouses
with trapped sparrows in the rafters?

If her life was like a warehouse, I 
would see real love acknowledge pollution--
the opening and closing of wisdom was
better for meeting me. 

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