23 July 2008

July 13th

Just woke up, took a shower. It's 6:05. Well, okay, I've been up for nearly an hour. When the sun rises at 4:30 and roosters crow even earlier...

It seems to be going well. Emma and I talked to Alina the other day...she stayed after chapel because she "wants to become closer to God".

Some of the kids know "hello" and "my name is"
Some are very eager to introduce us to this culture. One boy, Dima, is a mess. He's wonderful. He pulls us in and teaches us the song/motto of he camp, gets into mischief, you know.

Food equals: kashi, soup (chicken broth), rice, and salad. Yesterday we got sausage/hot dog/unknown substance on top of the rice!! Maybe that's because for breakfast, we had a tye of porridge--warm milk and about 20-25 grains of rice...hot sweet tea the staple drink.

Went to the river two days ago. We didn't know what to expect--not many of our team wore swim stuff, but the camp needed help watching the kids--80-90 kids on a public beach! There was that incident with Josh...

Last night a group of the American team went downstairs to the chapel and talked and listened to Reid play guitar and played Super Scrabble...until 1 AM.
A group of girls went around pointing at things with Emma and I--they'd say it in Russian and/or Ukrainian and we'd teach it to them in English.

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