29 July 2008


A strange day--ironic, this was the day about repentance (or forgiveness...)

It started with me shutting off the alarm and laying there for a minute (or ten)... I took a shower, tried to study my Bible (outside), but came inside because I could not concentrate. I think I must have tried at least four different spots, trying to settle my mind. I was overanalyzing once again...
And Gene and I were asked to lead the Ukrainian Bible study for our team...an honor, but frustrating...for the previous lessons hadn't been translated into English, so we had little idea about how to lead. I asked to go for a run in the forest during some free time...I got a bit angry/frustrated with some things and later apologized to my team...

Let's just say, "holy" "sanctified" and "humble" were not descriptive words I would have used for myself...by the end of that day, I felt first-hand repentance and forgiveness...

A wacked out day? Indeed. 
Yet the Lord allowed several more things to happen.

During evening chapel, David C. began to be quite sick. He had a spreading numbness in his legs and feet, along with a headache. That was a bit scary.

And for small group that night, I was the only American there. I believe it was a complete God-working (not that other things are not) for the girls opened up for the first time. I was able to (with my weak musical ability) teach them the first verse of "Beautiful Scandalous Night" and tell them the story of Corrie Ten Boom and her forgiveness of the Nazi guard...I was also able to share with them my own sin that day and how I needed forgiveness. And I asked if they had any questions. And they spoke, asking how to evangelize to a friend angry with Christianity.  I asked a blunt question, "Are you all Christians?" Two kids said no. 

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Callandra said...

i love your honesty.
just fyi.